Jean-Christian Bourcart Masterclass

The Inner Chaos

The inner chaos is the red line to link this photographic experience. The chaos inside us. The same are forcing us to move, to act, to discover. The same we find in eyes all around us. The same we experience sometimes, somewhere. Or the chaos as perpetual change, a way to find a new balance. The only rules to govern the forces around. Or in reverse the chaos that is the hidden part of us. The same mysterious energy that forces us to act differently. Whatever your inner chaos, you will learn how to use it as a driving force.

Where: Sofia, 48 Gladstone Street
When: to a later date
Places Available: 15 students maximum per class
Masterclass fee: 980 euro
What is included: Masterclass fee + meal for lunch and dinner from the first day until the lunch of the last day
What is NOT included: Travel cost and accommodation
How to enroll:
step 1: send us your portfolio. 10 jpg. photos to (after receiving the positive email follow to step 2)
step 2: pay a deposit sum of 500 euro,
step 3: pay the final sum of 480 euro, 20 days before the Masterclass starting date.
More info: Luciano Marino
(WhatsApp) 0039.329.02.77.556

Enroll Masterclass

About Masterclass

A Masterclass with Jean-Christian Bourcart is a journey through which we move forward together towards revealing ourselves in an audacious and daring manner, creating spaces of freedom within the fields of art, psychology, and humor.
Through photographic exercises, portfolio analysis, and development of a new series, we will develop our self-confidence in our photographic practice.
The aim is twofold: on one hand it is about pushing the limits of what we allow ourselves to do, or what we think we are capable of doing. And on the other hand, it is about deepening our understanding of the creative gesture, through constant back and forth between instinct and analysis, between desire and necessity.
In order to help the participants to refine their ability to read an artwork and develop an original photographic style, Jean-Christian will share conceptual tools that he developed throughout years of photographic practice and teaching.
Careful listening and constructive criticism will encourage questioning with no taboo, or limits, except the ones set by mutual respect .
The group dynamic will bring an ability to allow for a total immersion guided by the conviction that the creative process is one of alchemy that turns something raw and vulgar into something beautiful, rare and precious.

Jean-Christian Bourcart first gained attention in France, his native country for “Infertile Madonnas” (1992), a series of photographs taken in Frankfurt brothels, which was published with an introduction by Nan Goldin and bought by MOMA in New York. He also published “Forbidden City” (1999), an investigation of swinging and S&M clubs taken with a hidden camera,“Traffic” a study of commuters caught in traffic jams (2004); and “Sinon la mort te gagnait” (“if not, Death would have overtaken you”) (2007), an autobiography mixing text and photographs.
He then developped the “Stardust” series, in which he photographed the image on the glass that separates the projection room from the audience in movie theaters, and “Collateral”, in which he projected photographs of Iraqi war victims on houses, churches and supermarkets in the American countryside.
He also documented the city of Camden, N.J., which is one of the poorest and most dangerous cities in the U.S.A., trying to understand what is the real life behind the statistics and at the same time questionning his own practice.
In 2009 he directed his second feature movie, «In Memories of the Days to Come.» with Awards winning French actress Elodie Bouchez.
As a photographer, Bourcart has been the recipient of the Prix Nadar, the Prix Niepce, the Prix du jeu de Paume, the Prix Gilles Dusein, and the World Press Award.
His work has been collected by the Museum of Modern Art, New York; Musée d’Art Moderne et Contemporain, Genève; Maison Européenne de la Photographie, Paris; and the Fonds National d’Art Contemporain, Paris. Bourcart’s exhibitions include Musée du Jeu de Paume, Paris; Chrysler Museum of the Art, Norfolk; Centre National de la Photographie, Paris; Galerie du Jour, Paris, Kagan Martos Gallery, New York; Reflex Gallery, Amsterdam; Andrea Meislin Gallery, New York. He was a recipient of grants from the New York State Council on the Arts, the Centre National des Arts Plastiques, and the Villa Medicis.
Jean-Christian Bourcart has been living and working in New York since 1997.

Practical Information


Sofia has seven thousand-years of history, being one of the oldest human settlements in Europe. It is lively and vibrant, but pleasantly surprising its visitors with the cozy atmosphere, unexpected for a metropolis. Sofia is surrounded by three mountains, giving it a beautiful, proximate and easily accessible nature park which very few capital world cities can boast. Since ancient times the city and its surroundings have been famous for the abundance of hot and cold mineral springs which still continue to gush downtown, right next to yellow cobblestone boulevards, ancient Roman remains, charming boutiques, modern cafes, bars and restaurants and marvelous architecture inspired by the Vienna secession movement.


Masterclass will take place in the centre of Sofia. All around are available hotels and very good apartments. We can help with booking hotels rooms as well apartments at very good price. We suggest apartments as cheap, more convenient and comfortable accommodation solutions. Please ask us for rate and help at:


We are more than happy to meet you friends or family member. We are a community of people who like to enjoy to share experience and spend time together. Our philosophy is to mix travel and learning and we like to encourage people to travel ad learn. During the week your friend or family member could enjoy Sofia, or visit Plovdiv or Rila monastery. For them there will be only an additional cost of 100 euro per person for the meal (lunch and dinner) in the whole week. This sum must be payed in Sofia.


English, italian , french and spanish are the spoken language in the Masterclass. In the city is easy to find english and french speaking people.

What to bring

Cameras, batteries, memory cards, external hard drive, cables,  laptop with Lightroom and Photoshop installed.

Refund Policy

If for some reason the Masterclass are canceled, all the sum payed will be refund. On request the sum could be used to book a different Masterclass.

Portfolio Submission

The portfolio submission is required to check the students skills and personal project direction. It will help the Master to know better the perspective students. If the submission will exceed the places available for the masterclass will be done a waiting list.


The enrolment fee payed is only for Masterclass inscription. If you need insurance please ask to your travel agent. On request we could help to get one. Please ask.

More Info

For more info don’t esitate to ask via email at or by phone (WhatsApp) to Luciano Marino 0039.329.02.556